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Do I Need to Go to School to Be a Security Guard?

The educational requirements to work in professional security are pretty forgiving. So if you’re wondering “do I need to go to school to become a security guard?”, the answer is likely NO.

However, that doesn’t mean you should pass up the opportunity to continue your education. A little extra effort and training now could really pay off in the long run.

Every state has different rules

There’s a specific government agency set up in each state that’s responsible for issuing security guard licenses or guard cards. That means the rules are different from state to state.

Here are a few guidelines to consider:

Keep in mind that most entry-level security jobs involve writing reports on a regular basis, so you should have a basic understanding of how to read and write in English.

Check with the security guard licensing agency in your state to find out what specific educational requirements you need to meet to get your guard card.

You should consider specialized training

Because you don’t need to go to school to be a security guard, it’s really not that hard to get into the security field. If you’re serious about a career in professional security, though, you should think about going above and beyond the basic training required to get your guard card.

Specialized training, including baton, pepper spray, and firearms courses, can help you:

The most sought after security jobs, the ones that pay the most and offer the best perks, generally require the most training and experience. But they don’t have to be out of your reach if you plan ahead. Get some extra training on the weekends or your days off. Then leverage that training to ask for a raise or work your way into a better position.

Would you rather have an entry-level job you tolerate or build a career that you love? You don’t need to go to school to become a security guard, but just a bit of specialized training could make all the difference.