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2 Duties Every Security Guard Should Take Seriously

As a security officer you will be entrusted with a range of duties and responsibilities. Specific duties will of course depend on the particular employer and the type of security job. However, there are two key duties you will have no matter what type of security position you take:

To observe and to report.

Duty 1: Observation

The security guard’s duty to observe can fit into two broad categories.

First, there’s the observation of a particular location or business. You may be responsible for screening and receiving visitors as well as giving information or relaying messages. Depending on the particular situation, you may be responsible for operating the alarm system and monitoring a closed-circuit surveillance system. Some jobs may include other tasks like checking to see that sprinkler systems are on and that electrical and plumbing systems are operating without problems.

Second, there’s the observation of a specific area. This may involve driving a patrol car or walking. Typically when performing rounds you will stay in touch with other officers by two-way radio. Making routine rounds entails checking entry points, windows, doors, etc. for any unusual activity––this may include:

In the event that unusual activity is detected, it is standard practice to conduct a thorough search of the area to assess the situation.

Duty 2: Reporting

Along with your duty to observe, you will also be required to make regular reports. Reporting can also be broken down into two categories: regular and extraordinary.

Day-to-day situations

Most of your reporting will simply involve your daily routine. As a security guard you’ll be required to submit regular reports at the end of your shift, usually in some form of written summary.

Extraordinary situations

In addition to day-to-day reporting, there may be times when you’ll discover issues or problems that should be reported immediately. These extraordinary circumstances may not happen often, but when they do it’s your job to immediately report them to the proper authority (supervisor, main office, police, fire department, paramedics).

You may sometimes be dealing with shoplifters or intruders or encounter people who need your assistance and help. Because you are in uniform and in a position of authority, people in distress will look to you when they are in trouble. In some cases, security officers may be the first on the scene of an emergency situation. Guards are expected to call for official help and do their best to keep people calm in the meantime.

You are the first line of defense

Because of the wide range of responsibilities required by the job, a security officer will find that the job calls for flexibility and responsiveness. It is important to be well-rested, alert, emotionally calm, and in good physical condition so that you are ready for both your regular duties and any surprises that may arise.