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The Unspoken Fitness Requirement Every Security Guard Should Know About

The security industry is pretty inclusive, particularly when it comes to entry-level guard jobs. You don’t need to go to school to be a security guard and most of the real training takes place on the job. But that doesn’t mean security companies will hire whatever warm body stumbles through the door.

Security guards have a hidden job requirement.

It’s a requirement that companies don’t announce and job applicants generally don’t know about. And it comes down to your level of fitness.

So how in-shape do you need to be to become a security guard?

Even though there’s no state-mandated fitness test, no company will hire you if you can’t fulfill the basic duty of every security guard: to observe and report. Whether that means letting the authorities know about a potential terrorist attack or simply stopping a suspected shoplifter from leaving the premises…

Security guards need to meet the physical demands of the job they hold.

You are the first line of defense. You’re hired to protect both people and property. So if there’s a chance that your level of physical fitness could interfere with your duties, you put yourself and those around you in danger.

You become a liability that legitimate security companies can’t afford to take on.

Get healthy for both the job and your quality of life

You don’t have to be an Olympic-level athlete to be a security guard, but you should be healthy. That means eating right and exercising.

If you feel like you’re a bit behind the curve, don’t panic. A few simple lifestyle changes can make all the difference.

It may not seem like much, but small consistent changes add up.

Remember, as a professional security guard your ability to fulfill your duties depends on how healthy you are. Security jobs may not have a mandatory fitness requirement, but it’s important to be in shape… for your sake and that of the people and property you’re hired to protect.